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A community to share séance experiences, opinions, theories, questions, and methods
Welcome to the Séance Circle!

This is a community for discussions about séances. Feel free to post your séance experiences, opinions, theories, methods, questions, etc.

This community is for open-minded people who are interested in the procedure of séances. We are here to promote general interest in séances. Supernatural/spiritual/scientific viewpoints are all welcome.

From MOD:
Hello, and welcome to seance_circle!

I have started this community in an attempt to find people interested or experienced in the art of séance. Starting séances circles or "home circles" (in which a small party is organized to participate in a séance) is an activity that held great popularity throughout the end of the 1800's and into the early 1900's. Unfortunately for séances enthusiasts, the general interest in this sort of activity has greatly diminished.

In short, I've started this community in the hopes of promoting an active séance community where people might be inspired to start their own home circles, share their experiences and techniques, etc.

To start the community off, I plan on posting links various articles that will help people to begin holding their own séances.

When you join the community, please feel free to make an introduction post! Let us know what has sparked your interest in séances, what former supernatural experiences you have had, etc.

Thanks for stopping by!

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